C# Developer

C# Developer

Job Title: C# Developer
Location: Gauteng
Salary: 600000.00
Reference: JN -012017-7429
Job Published: January 25, 2017 07:46

Job Description

To interpret the business requirements to enable the design of specific functionality or system and to complete the development process 

1. Develop Functionality
 Receive and analyse a request for the development of functionality to determine the nature of the functionality; or
 Identify the need for new functionality during operational output
 Analyse the user requirement specification to determine the development requirements
 Conduct an impact study to determine the possible effect on the current- and associated systems
 Develop the detailed design indicating the specific functionality to be developed
 Develop the functionality in accordance with the functional specification, architecture specification and coding standards documentation
 Test the functionality to ensure that it conforms to the functional specification
 Modify the functionality where necessary taking into consideration the impact on the system
 Test the modifications in accordance with the policies and procedures and the functional specification
 Implement the functionality on the live system in accordance with policies and procedures
 Document the functionality for future reference purposes
 Develop functionality in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
 Develop functionality within the allocated time frame

2. Provide support
 Receive and analyse a request to determine the nature and extent of the support to be provided; or
 The need for provision of support is identified during the execution of outputs
 Diagnose the problem to determine the appropriate action
 Provide information
 Provide possible solutions
 Conduct research to develop a solution
 Escalate the problem to the best possible person for resolution
 Provide/develop a solution; or
 Escalate the problem to the relevant role players for a solution
 Ensure that escalated problems are resolved within the allocated time frame
 Test the solution to ensure that the diagnosed problem is resolved
 Implement the solution in accordance with procedures and test to ensure that the solution is functional
 Monitor the implemented solution for a period in accordance with the impact on the system
 Document the solution in accordance with policies and procedures in the standardised format where necessary
 Submit the resolution document to the document management system for future reference purposes
 Provide feedback to the relevant role players
 Provide Support in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
 Provide Support within the allocated time frame

3. Manage Change
 Receive a request for the integration of new/modified products and services and analyse the request to determine the change management actions required
 Obtain the relevant change requests in accordance with policies and procedures
 Schedule the changes in accordance with availability of resources
 Ensure that the relevant system preparation is completed prior to execution of changes
 Arrange for the relevant job/work orders to be issued in accordance with procedures
 Ensure that the changes are conducted in accordance with work orders
 Document the changes for future reference purposes
 Close the change request and work order in accordance with procedures
 Inform the relevant role players of the availability of the changes
 Manage changes in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements
 Manage changes within allocated time frames

 A 2 Year Qualification in Information Technology or Computer Science

 3-5 Years Experience including
 1 Years Coding in an Appropriate Coding Language
 2 Years Microsoft C# Coding

 Analytical Thinking and Attention to Detail
 Anticipating, , Creating and Managing Change (Tolerance for Ambiguity)
 Holistic/Big Picture Thinking 9Includes Forward Thinking)
 Judgement and Decision Making
 Innovation/Creativity
 Problem Solving (Includes Reasoning)
 Assertiveness (Includes willingness to challenge and confront)
 Ethical Behaviour/Honesty/Transparency/Modelling of Values
 Entrepreneurship/Calculated Risk Taking
 Excellence Orientation
 Flexibility/Adaptability
 Personal Growth Orientation/Learning Agility
 Resilience/Perseverance/Stress Management
 Rule Orientation
 Results & Solution Focused (Drive, Energy & Follow Through)
 Self Management (Planning, Prioritising & Time Management)
 Visibility & Impact (Includes Professionalism & Executive Disposition)
 Building Strategic Partnerships/Networking
 Communication
 Customer Service Orientation/Client Focus (Internal and External)
 Influencing and Negotiation (Including Conflict Management)
 Knowledge Sharing (includes Information Management)
 Managing Diversity
 Organisational Awareness
 Relationship Building, Listening, Interpersonal Sensitivity
 Teamwork
 Business & Financial Acumen (includes ability to identify and manage risk)
 Technical/Professional Competence
 Process Engineering/Systems Competence)
 Motivating People (includes Creating and Selling the Vision)
 Participative Leadership (Empowering and Including)
 People Development (includes Identifying and Nurturing Talent)
 Practical Execution Management (Planning, Organising and Mentoring)
 Strategic Leadership (includes Strategic Planning and Implementation)
What are the most regular and complex challenges in the job? Please provide a couple of examples of regular problems that need to be resolved and not ad hoc scenarios or cases. Also indicate how these problems or challenges will be resolved.
 Developing the correct solution for the system to be developed – specification based, investigation of needs
 Solving problems – Bug Fixing – Fixing within SLA
Please name the resources utilised by the jobholder to solve problems or make decisions, e.g. the internet, manuals, policies, procedures, external resources, etc.
 Business Analyst
 Business Owner
 Internet Based Solutions
 Training material
 Microsoft Visual Studio
What type of decisions can the jobholder take within his/her area of accountability and what type of decisions will typically be referred to the direct manager for sign off? Please provide a couple of examples of regular decisions/problem solving or judgement calls and not ad hoc scenarios or cases.
Please provide examples on the context, range and complexity of subject matters being communicated by the jobholder as well as the context, format and process of communication used to reach the target audience. Please refer to both verbal and written communication.
(Concentrate on issues that make the communication process complex, e.g. communicating information to an audience that is not familiar with the concepts and technology, communicating to an audience that has their own opinions and the subject matter is of such a nature that no single interpretation can definitely be shown to be correct and the jobholder has to persuade the audience under these circumstances of what he/she thinks the best practice is, etc.)
 Willing to work extended working hours as and when required

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